Basic Residential Zoning Information

circlebullet.jpg        Setbacks for the house are 25’ on all sides; this includes decks and porches.
circlebullet.jpg        Setbacks for accessory buildings are 25’ on the street side; for side line, rear line and other buildings the setback is equal to the height of the structure.
circlebullet.jpg        Maximum height is 30’, figured from natural existing grade; at the foundation; on the street side of the property.
circlebullet.jpg        Minimum Lot Size is 40,000 square feet.
circlebullet.jpg        Lot coverage (roofed over area) is limited to 4,000 square feet or 15% of the total lot area, whichever is smaller.
circlebullet.jpg        Any work within 100’ of wetlands requires Conservation Commission approval.
circlebullet.jpg        Properties North and West of Route 6 (Rock Harbor area, Skaket Beach area and Bakers Pond area) require Old King's Highway Regional Historic District Committee approval for any exterior changes.
circlebullet.jpg        Demolitions: buildings that do not meet current zoning setbacks cannot be removed and replaced in their current locations without a Special Permit or Variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals.
circlebullet.jpg        Buildings built before 1920 cannot be demolished without approval by the Historic Committee.
circlebullet.jpg        Please check with Building department regarding other zoning issues for a particular property; including water protection districts and historic.
circlebullet.jpg        Health department handles all septic questions, including number of bedrooms, septic capacity, setbacks to septic, etc.
Note: for further information on zoning go to Code of Orleans and search chapter 164