Amended CWMP Draft, July 2016

PDF icon AECOM Draft ACWMP 06-30-20163.58 MB
PDF icon APP A MEPA Certicate 01-28-2010197.71 KB
PDF icon APP B CCC Approval of Orleans CWMP as a Development of Regional Imact27.69 MB
PDF icon APP C Response to Comments From CWMP144.89 KB
PDF icon APP D Site Evaluation Matrix from Consensus Plan 12-16-2014990.1 KB
PDF icon APP E 1.a.2 Hydrogeologic Evaluation Proposed Effluent Disposal Facilities 06-02-201611.32 MB
PDF icon APP F 1.b.5 Updated Downtown Build-out Annalysis and Land Usenarket Conditions 03-13-20167.14 MB
PDF icon APP G 1.b.67 Downtown Future Growth Scenarios Strategies to Limit Growth 05-04-2016693.83 KB
PDF icon App H 1.b.8 Management of Future Downtown Wastewater Flows 06-22-2016500.58 KB
PDF icon App I 1.c.9 Collection System Technologies 05-21-201613.26 MB
PDF icon APP J 1.c.10 WW Treatment Residuals Septage Effluent Transmission 04-04-20161.21 MB
PDF icon APP K 1.c.12 Water Reuse Systems 05-26-2016 Rev. 06-22-2016250.14 KB
PDF icon APP L 2.c.2 Tri-Town Facility Design for Demolition and Operationg Cost 02-04-201680.07 KB
PDF icon APP M 3.a.1 Site Characterization and Evaluation for Floating Constructed Wetlands 05-25-161.29 MB
PDF icon APP N 3.a.2 Work Plan for Floating Constructed Wetland 05-25-20161.02 MB
PDF icon APP O 3.b.3 Site Characterization and Evaluation for Aquacultureshellfish Propagation 03-13-20161.32 MB
PDF icon APP P 3.b.4 Shellfish Cultivation - Preliminary Engineering Design and Work Plan for Perferred Site 05-04-20162.38 MB
PDF icon APP Q 3.c.5 Site Characterization and Evaluation for Permeable Reactive Barriers 05-19-20162.43 MB
PDF icon APP R 3.c.6 Perliminary Engineering Work Plan for Permeable Reactive Barriers 05-19-20169.37 MB
PDF icon APP S 4.a.1 Adaptive Management Plan Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling 05-04-20168.48 MB
PDF icon Summary of Comments to ACWMP 10-19-201622.93 KB
PDF icon Key Issues on ACWMP 11-09-201618.53 KB