Local Candidates and Ballot Questions Campaign Finance Reports


David Currier - Pre-election Report

Andrea Shaw Reed - Pre-election Report

Mefford Runyon - Pre-election Report

Mefford Runyon - Change of Treasurer



Mark Mathison Post-election and Dissolution

Mark Mathison  Pre-election report

Cecil Newcom Post-election and Dissolution

Cecil Newcomb Pre-election report

Erik Oliver Post-election

Erik Oliver Pre-election report


Kevin Galligan - 30 Days Post Election and Dissolution

Kevin Galligan - Pre-election report

Mefford Runyon - Change in Treasurer


Erik C. Oliver - year end report (Final)

David M. Currier - year end report

Mefford R. Runyon - year end report

Cape Cod Tech School Year End Finance Report

Cape Cod Tech School Post-election Finance Report

Cape Cod Tech School Pre-election Finance Report

David M. Currier - post-election

Erik C. Oliver - post-election

Mefford R. Runyon - post-election

David M. Currier - pre-election

Erik C. Oliver - pre-election

Mefford R. Runyon - pre-election



David Currier - year end

Jon Fuller - year end and dissolution

Richard Laraja - year end and dissolution

Mark Mathison - year end

Special Town Election - October 18th

Jon Fuller 30 days post election

Jon Fuller Amendment

David Currier 30 days post election

David M. Currier

Jon R. Fuller

Annual Town Election - May 17th:

Jon R. Fuller

Jon R. Fuller 30 days post election

Richard A. Laraja

Richard A. Laraja 30 days post election

Mark W. Mathison

Mark W. Mathison 30 days post election

Alan McClennen, Jr.

Alan McClennen, Jr. 30 days post election

Alan McClennen, Dissolution



John Hodgson

John Hodgson 30 Days Post Election

John Hodgson Year End and Dissolution


Judith Bruce

Judith Bruce 30 days Post Election and Dissolution


Joseph Hartung

Jospeph Hartung Year End and Dissolution


Judith DiBrigida

Judith DiBrigida Year End and Dissolution


Peter O'Meara Year End and Dissolution



David Currier

David Dunford

Sims McGrath Jr.

Peter O'Meara


Mark Carron

Jon Fuller

John Hodgson III

Alan McClennan Jr.

Augusta McKusick

Peter O'Meara


Margie Fulcher

John Hodgson III


John Hodgson III 

Sims McGrath Jr.


Mark Carron

Susan Christie

Jon Fuller

John Hodgson III