Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infomation

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Infomation

In a continued effort to keep our citizens and first responders safe from Covid-19, we are asking people to use increased discretion when seeking Police services.

Until further notice, we are asking citizens to avoid coming into the lobby of The Public Safety Building unless in the case of an emergency.

If you have a situation that can be resolved over the phone by speaking with a Police Officer, please call our business line at 508-255-0117

We will be temporarily allowing our Officers to take reports over the phone for any issue or incident that you feel would not require a visit to your home. Some examples could be:
1. Neighbor disputes/civil matters
2. Calls for advice
3. Credit card/ Identity theft
4. Minor vandalism
5. Animal matters that are not a threat to public safety.

We would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding. These precautions are in effect to limit close personal contact and the spread of the virus.