Ombudsman Task Force Survey

The Task Force was formed to evaluate the need/or not of an ombudsman position / or resources for individuals and businesses to use when problems arise.  The goal is to make sure everyone involved, town employees and residents/businesses, can have a good experience getting the task accomplished in the most efficient and satisfactory manner.  The question we are trying to ask/answer is do we need a position/ or identified resource(s) to resolve issues and/or improve the experiences with the various departments at Town Hall.  Completing this short survey will help us make an appropriate proposal to the Board of Selectmen that will reflect the opinions of many individuals/businesses that need to work with the town employees to accomplish various tasks.

If you answered “NO” you need not complete the survey. Please feel free to leave a comment under #8 at the end of the survey. If “YES” please continue.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your input will be considered when making the Task Force’s recommendation to the Board of Selectmen.