Over Sand Vehicles

Over Sand Vehicle (OSV) stickers are required year-round

2021 OSV Permits are required May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2022

2021 OSV Registration

If you have not had an OSV sticker before, or have a vehicle that has not been previously inspected, you are required to bring the OSV (with required equipment) into the Orleans Sticker Office for inspection. ***Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are temporarily not requiring in-person inspections for OSV. When purchasing an OSV and/or renewing a Self-Contained Vehicle sticker online, you are required to acknowledge that you have all of the required equipment and documents in your vehicle while on the beach.
Follow the steps below to verify you and your vehicle are eligible for a sticker.

If your vehicle has been previously inspected and you are renewing your previous year's sticker, you are eligible for our mail-in program. You must read all of the documents below, watch both OSV and HCP videos, and follow the requirements before mailing an application or coming into the sticker office. 

You are required to follow steps one (1) through nine (9) to be eligible for an OSV sticker. Once you have read, printed, signed and watched the required documents/videos, you may apply for a sticker. Applications are only required to be filled out for applicants who mail-in their sticker. Applicants who come in-person, or need to be inspected prior, may fill out an application at the sticker office.

  1. 2021 OSV Mail-In Program Requirements (you must read this entire document before continuing)
  2. Sticker Eligibility Requirements (for residents/Orleans tenants only)
  3. 2021 Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) OSV User Guide (print, read, sign and keep in vehicle)
  4. OSV Rules & Regulations (print, read and keep in vehicle)
  5. Watch the OSV Movie (you are required to watch before registering vehicle)
  6. Watch the HCP Movie (you are required to watch before registering vehicle)
  7. Over Sand Sticker Fees and Information (review document to verify cost, requirements, etc)
  8. Required Tire Sizes (verify your vehicle meets tire size requirements)
  9. Over Sand Mail-In Application Form (mail-in only, in person- fill out at the sticker office)
  10. Be Shark Smart! (You are your own lifeguard on the outer beach)
  11. Sign Up for E-Alerts! (Sign up for OSV Updates regarding closures, capacity, etc)