Notice of Fall 2017 Tax Bills - Updated

The Fall Real Estate tax bills will be mailed on November 1, 2017,  with payment due by December 1, 2017. Payments are considered made when received by the Collector, not when you mail it. Online bill-pay will be available through the Town website after November 1, 2017.
Taxpayers are encouraged to pay their bills online through the online portal at the Town Website. The Tax Collector’s office at Orleans Town Hall accepts payments made by cash or check only.

Please note that postmarks are not accepted as evidence of timely payment; payments are considered made when received by the Tax Collector, so more than sufficient time should be allowed if mailing a payment.  Taxpayers should also note that failure to receive a bill does not affect the validity of the bill. The owner of record who does not receive a bill is still liable for the tax, plus any interest and penalties accrued.  Taxes not paid/received by the due date will accrue interest at the rate of 14% per annum.