Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission meets on the first, second, third and forth Tuesdays of the month. Meetings are held in the Nauset Meeting Room, at 8:30 am, in the Orleans Town Hall, 19 School Road. Please note: the Conservation Commission does not meet on the 5th Tuesday (as it may occur) of the month.

Please check the Conservation Department's Meeting Schedules, Filing Fees, & Deadlines link to inquire how to file and be heard by the Orleans Conservation Commission. 

Please check the Conservation Department's website regarding any additional questions or concerns.


Commission Members

Name Title
Judith Bruce Regular Board Member 06/30/2018
Richard Nadler Regular Board Member 06/30/2019
Mike Brink Regular Board Member 06/30/2020
Charles Ketchuck Regular Board Member 6/30/2019
Virginia Farber Regular Board Member 6/30/2019
Walter North Regular Board Member 6/30/2019
Donelle Denery Regular Board Member 6/30/2019
Eric Ehnstrom Associate Member -6/30/2020