Agricultural Advisory Council

  • As authorized by Orleans Home Rule Charter Ch 3, Sec 3-10-1, the Board of Selectmen hereby establishes the Orleans Agricultural Advisory Council, a standing committee charged with representing  the town’s agricultural community with regard to sustainable agriculture-based economic activities in Orleans.  
  • Members appointed by BOS for 3 year terms
  • Meetings generally held on 2nd Monday of each month at 3:30pm in the Skaket Room at Town Hall

Board Members

Name Title
Gretel Norgeot 06/30/2021 - Board Member
Judith Scanlon 06/30/2022 - Board Member
David Light 06/30/2020 - Board Member
Stephen Ellis 06/30/2020 - Board Member
Barbara Dean 06/30/2020 - Board Member
Heather Bailey 6/30/2020 - Board Member
Cecil E. Newcomb, III Selectmen's Liaison