Is There A Single Best Way To Collect And Treat Orleans' Wastewater?

The Wastewater Management Steering Committee has identified three promising wastewater plans:

  • Plan 1: four decentralized wastewater facilities located in each of the major watersheds, with the effluent discharged to the groundwater at nearby sites.
  • Plan 2: a centralized wastewater facility located on the Tri-Town property with discharge to the groundwater there.
  • Plan 3: a centralized wastewater facility in South Orleans, with summer spray irrigation of golf courses in Brewster and winter discharge to the groundwater.

The WMSC is conducting a detailed comparison of these three plans and invites your input on which is "best".

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6. Doesn't Orleans Already Share A Wastewater Treatment Plant At The Tri-Town Site Near Rt. 6 & 6A?
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8. Is There A Single Best Way To Collect And Treat Orleans' Wastewater?
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