How should I prepare my abatement application?

If you received a bill because the home you own in Orleans was not your domicile, you must submit proof with your application that you acquired domiciliary status prior to January 1st to have the tax abated. A current excise tax bill or vehicle registration, a copy of your voter registration or your town census return completed prior to January 1st will all serve as acceptable proof of this.

If you own a home in Orleans and rent it out unfurnished to a year-round tenant, please provide a copy of the tenant's lease or a notarized statement signed by the tenant testifying that they rent the property in an unfurnished state.

If you received a business personal property bill and...

  • If you sold the business or vacated the property you were using for your business prior to January 1st, provide some kind of paperwork that proves this.
  • If you are incorporated in Massachusetts, please submit your Massachusetts articles of organization.
  • If you believe there is a data error with your listed personal property, please describe specifically which personal property you no longer own.

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4. How should I prepare my abatement application?
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