Sticker Office


Prior to purchasing your non-resident family shellfish permit, please familiarize yourself with seasonal parking restrictions at Orleans town landings:

Important: Please read all of our following updates before applying for stickers.

Walk-in Service

The sticker office closes for the season on September 5, 2023. 

Beginning September 6 all stickers and replacements will be sold out of the DPW Lobby, Monday - Friday (9:00 am to 1:00 pm)

Replacing stickers? Don't forget to turn in your previous stickers and provide an updated registration. Replacement costs: Beach $5, Transfer Station: $10, Recycling $8, Over Sand $5

Online Sales

Both residents and non-residents of Orleans may purchase all 2023 season stickers and permits through our online portal. There will be a convenience fee charged (see below) for credit card online transactions. Once approved, the stickers may be picked up at the sticker office or mailed back to you for a $2 processing fee. Please allow up to seven days, once approved, for processing. Access the online sticker sales portal.

Mailing applications

Both residents and non-residents can mail in their sticker orders by printing out resident application from our website and following the guidelines (see instructions on the application). YOUR MAIL-IN APPLICATIONS WILL NO LONGER BE MAILED TO YOU IN THE SPRING. You must provide all of the current and accurate documentation required, as well as a self-addressed, stamped legal-sized envelope for your stickers to be mailed back to you. Please allow up to seven days, once approved, for processing. The Orleans Sticker Office will only accept checks or money orders as forms of payment through the mail. Do not send cash. Processing mailed-in applications could take up to 4 weeks to process, please consider walking in or purchasing your stickers online.

Convenience Fees

Customers who pay by credit card will be charged a 4.5% convenience fee, or a $1.50 fee (whichever is greater) for in-person and online transactions. Personal checks and money orders are accepted as payment, in-person or by mail, with no charge to the customer. Please be aware that cash is not accepted at the Orleans Sticker Office.

Resident Eligibility

In order to qualify for a resident sticker, your name must be listed on your Orleans property as an owner or trustee (or proven spouse of owner or trustee) and on the registration of the vehicle that you want the sticker on. The vehicle does not need to be registered in Orleans, as long as your name is on the property as described above. If your property is owned by an LLC, only the manager(s) of the LLC are eligible for resident stickers (the vehicle must be registered to the manager of the LLC or the LLC itself). 

Tenant Eligibility

For any individual who lives in Orleans but is not a property owner (year-round tenant/renter) proof of residency will be required every year. Your vehicle must be registered at your Orleans address and is required to be eligible for stickers. Proof of residency may be established by providing your valid vehicle registration which must be in your Orleans address and 2 more of the following:

(If you are mailing in your information, please provide these copies with your application)

  • Current lease or rental agreement of the applicant's residence/domicile
  • Current motor vehicle driver's license
  • Current motor vehicle excise tax bill (showing your Orleans street address - not a PO Box)
  • Proof of current listing on town census or voter registration certificate
  • Current Orleans utility bill in applicant's name

Note: In accordance with Town of Orleans Bylaws Chapter 94 to 96, the renewal or granting of Town licenses or permits may be denied if the taxpayer, owner, permit customer, or subject property has tax bills, water charges, betterments, assessments, or other municipal charges past due. See the Treasurer/Collectors Department section for further explanation.