Over Sand Vehicles

Over Sand Vehicles (O.S.V.)

O.S.V. Stickers are required year-round and trails are patrolled daily

Nauset Spit (Residents) OSV Update - 8/19/22

Nauset Spit (Residents) CLOSED TO OSV

Due to severe erosion associated with the heavy surf on Wednesday 8/17/22 Nauset Spit (Residents) is CLOSED to OSV.  Rangers will continue to assess the conditions daily and updates will be provided.
Nauset Beach South remains open to OSV.

Nauset Beach South Update - 8/12/22

Effective Immediately:

The HCP restrictions and self-escorting requirements have been lifted. Please refer to the open/closed map provided.  Please refer to the following Town of Chatham press release for trail status in Chatham.

Chatham North Beach OSV Status 

Beginning at 12 p.m. (noon) on Thursday, August 11, 2022 a portion of the Chatham section of Nauset Beach (aka North Beach) will open to Oversand Vehicle (OSV) travel to all permit holders with the following limitations: 

• Front beach travel only from the Town Line (Trail 6) to Trail 9 (flagpole). 

• The Inner Road can be used as an alternate between Trails 7 & 9. 

• The Inner Road is closed between Trails 6 & 7. 

• The Point (Inlet) area remains closed due to active nests and unfledged Least Tern chicks. 

Any requirements of the Orleans Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) remain in place and must be adhered to. Staff are continually monitoring the Least Tern nesting and fledging status; further updates will be forthcoming. 

Your cooperation is appreciated. 

OSV south map

2022 O.S.V. Stickers will go on sale for online/mail-in purchasing beginning April 11, 2022

2021 O.S.V. Stickers expire June 30, 2022
2022 O.S.V. Stickers expire June 30, 2023 

When applying for an O.S.V. sticker, you are required to acknowledge that the O.S.V. has the required equipment inside the vehicle while driving over-sand. O.S.V. are subject to a spot-check inspection by Rangers while on the beach. Failure to comply with the Town of Orleans O.S.V. operations, rules, & regulations will result in O.S.V. violations. After three (3) violations, your sticker will be revoked for one (1) year beginning on the date of your last citation.

You are required to read, print, and store the O.S.V. and H.C.P user guides in your O.S.V. at all times. These documents have important information you are required to know before registering an O.S.V. You may print these documents below. You are also required to watch the O.S.V. and H.C.P. instructional videos prior to applying for a sticker.

By applying for an O.S.V. sticker, you acknowledge that your sticker does not guarantee you access to the over-sand trails during closures due to threatened species, inclement weather, erosion, capacity, or any closure implemented by the Town of Orleans Natural Resources Manager and/or his/her designee. Your O.S.V. sticker does not grant you access to park in the beach parking lots. The amount of time the O.S.V. trail is closed to protect threatened species varies each season, and the anticipated open date will change each season. There is no way for staff to pre-determine when O.S.V. access will re-open each season. We encourage you to sign up for updates (below) to be notified of any progression in the H.C.P.  All O.S.V. Stickers are non-transferrable and non-refundable, so please read and review all the information below before applying.

2022 Stickers will go on sale online beginning April 11, 2022.