Pay Water Bills Online

Taxpayers are able to pay Water bills online using a checking or savings account or by credit card.

Invoice Cloud is an easy, secure online method for paying your water bills. It is fast and only costs $0.40 per transaction for an ACH debit out of your savings or checking account. Less than the cost of a stamp! You may also pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover). If you choose this option, the cost will be $7.95 per transaction. Please check the website for details about your specific card.

The first time paying by this system will require you to submit information from your water bill. An email notification will be sent for future payments. You can also request to go paperless!

Online Billing & Payment

Easy as 1-2-3

  • View the Pay or View Bills website. On the site, Register, if new user, or Sign In.
  • Enter your payment information for an express payment or schedule a payment.
  • Receive an email confirmation of your payment amount and payment date.
  • No Check Writing
  • No Trips to the Mailbox
  • No Paper Statement to File

When you go paperless, you'll reduce clutter. Help the environment, and save a stamp.

Note: In accordance with Town of Orleans Bylaws Chapter 94-6, the renewal or granting of Town licenses or permits may be denied if the taxpayer, owner, permit customer, or subject property has tax bills, water charges, betterments, assessments, or other municipal charges past due. View the Treasurer/Collectors Department section for further explanation.