Orleans Channel 18

The intention of Channel 18 is to provide information to Orleans citizens about issues, services, programs, activities, and events involving or affecting local government and the community.

Live Stream

Live stream allows viewers to watch Ch 18 from any where they have an internet connection. 

Click here to view Ch 18 Live Stream. 

Video On Demand

The Video On Demand (VOD) provided streaming access to the most resent meetings. Meetings on VOD are available for approximately 3 months back. 

Click here to view currently recorded meetings.

Archived Videos

We have an archived library of all recorded meetings dating back to 2007. All meetings are archived on archive.org and available for the public to view. 

Recommended browser to view videos is Microsoft Edge. Since Adobe stop the flash player in web browsers some videos may not play correctly until they are updated.

Click here to view archived meetings. 

Playback Schedule

Playback schedule show the next time a recently recorded meeting will be playing on Ch 18.

Click here to view Ch 18 playback schedule.