Finance / Town Accountant


The Finance Department is responsible for the maintenance of all financial records to ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws. In addition to being the Town's hub for recording all accounting transactions, the Finance Department provides ongoing financial support to all town departments, approves budget transfers, prepares interim financial reports, and is the financial liaison to various constituencies. 

Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: working with the Town Administrator in preparing operating budgets and articles for Town meetings; overseeing debt financing; processing accounts payable; overseeing employee benefits and payroll processing; and fulfilling state reporting requirements such as the Schedule A, free cash certification, and Tax Recapitulation Sheet for tax rate certification. Finally, the Finance Department also maintains a dynamic 5-year forecast for all revenues and operating expenditures and performs specialized analyses of initiatives that have a financial impact.

The Finance Department is led by the Director of Municipal Finance/Town Accountant and oversees the Assessing, Treasurer/Collector and MIS Departments.

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