Senior Tax Work-Off Program

What Is the Senior Tax Work-Off Program?

The Orleans Senior Tax Work-Off Program offers qualified senior homeowners the opportunity to provide volunteer services to the Town of Orleans in exchange for a property tax bill reduction of up to $1,500 per fiscal year. Tax Work-Off participants may work in an array of volunteer positions across the town.  The program is administered by the Council on Aging in consultation with other departments.

Orleans Senior Tax Work-Off Application Form (PDF)

Who qualifies to participate?

  • Participants must be age 60 or over 
  • Participants must have an income which does not exceed $43,000 if single, or $56,000 if married
  • Includes Social Security benefits, pensions, other retirement benefits, annuities, wages, veteran benefits, interest, and dividends, rental income, etc.
  • Participants must own and occupy their residential property
  • If the property is subject to a trust, the senior must have legal title (be one of the trustees and a beneficiary).
  • Participation is not guaranteed, as availability is based on the funds available.

What kind of volunteer jobs are available?

Senior Tax Work-Off Program participants may complete a wide variety of tasks. Applicants will be interviewed by Council on Aging staff to determine their skills, interests, and availability, and will be matched with positions based on this information and the needs of town departments. All Town of Orleans Departments are asked to consider creating positions for these program participants. A CORI background check will be conducted for all placements and photo identification is required.  

How are you compensated?

In the Senior Tax Work-Off Program, eligible participants work between January and November in exchange for a property tax credit. The tax credit will be based on minimum wage, which is $15.00 per hour in 2023. For example, if an eligible Tax Work Off Program Volunteer works approximately 100 hours, they would be eligible for a tax credit of $1,500. The maximum tax credit is $1,500. Participants are required to submit log sheets signed by their placement supervisor to the Council on Aging no later than November 30th.

Is the property tax credit taxable?

The amount of the property tax reduction under this program is not considered income or wages for purposes of state income tax withholding, unemployment compensation or worker’s compensation. However, any credit earned over $600 may have to be declared as an earning on your federal income tax for the year you were credited the amount.

Will the property tax credit affect other benefits?

The property tax reduction is not considered to be income for benefits such as SNAP or fuel assistance.

You may also receive a tax work-off credit in addition to any exemptions you already receive, but your total tax reduction amount for the fiscal year may not exceed $1,500.

How to apply?

Download an Orleans Senior Tax Work-Off Application Form (PDF) or call the Council on Aging at 508-255-6333 to have an application mailed. You can also stop by the Senior Center at 150 Rock Harbor Road to pick-up an application M-F from 8:30am-4:30pm.  

 When submitting applications, the following verification will be required:

  • Proof of age (i.e., birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license)
  • Prior year’s federal tax return
    • Note: If you are not required to file tax returns, you must submit a signed and dated letter of explanation with your application
  • Most recent property tax bill
  • Evidence of home ownership and occupancy.  If property is held in Trust, a copy of Trust and Schedule of Beneficiaries

The Town of Orleans Assessing Department offers information regarding other options for tax relief for Orleans senior citizens. This policy applies to the “Senior Tax Work Off Program”.

 For more information, contact the Orleans Council on Aging Director at 508-255-6333.