Topics of Interest

Subsidized Housing Inventory: the Massachusetts DHCD maintains the inventory of subsidized housing for every locality in the State that meets its definition of affordable housing for the purposes of compliance with chapter 40B: The list of localities and numbers of units is generally updated annually. The current list is arranged alphabetically. 

Orleans Housing Developmentsthe 2017 comprehensive study of housing needs contains a list of the various assisted housing developments in the Town at that time.

Update of Housing Needs in Orleans: On December 2, the Town of Orleans issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) from consulting firms to conduct an update of its assessment of housing needs completed in 2017.  In addition to updating demographic data, the update will fill some gaps in knowledge about the needs of persons working but not now residing in Orleans and the nature of the large homeowner need previously identified.  The study is the result of a funding request submitted by the Orleans Affordable Housing Committee to the Affordable Housing Trust Board.  The two groups will work together to use the data generated by the update to formulate overall goals for Orleans' housing stock, long-term production goals for affordable housing, and schedule for periodic updates and reports.