Library Policies

Marion Craine Room Gallery Exhibits

Application Form for Exhibit Space

  1. TheBoard of Trustees of Snow Library established the policy regarding use of the Marion Craine Room Gallery, hereafter referred to as the MCRG, and is the sole authority in interpreting these rules and regulations. The Library Director has the supervisory responsibility delegated by the Library Trustees.
  2. The MCRG Coordinator and the Trustee Liaison make appointments to the MCRG Exhibition Committee. The Exhibition Committee operates under the Guidelines set forth for the Committee.
  3. An application for use of Library exhibit space in the MCRG shall be submitted to and reviewed by the MCRG Exhibition Committee.
  4. Exhibits and receptions will be open to the general public only during regular Library hours. Programs by the Library or the Friends of Snow Library will take precedence.
  5. All exhibits and receptions must be free of charge and open to the public.
  6. Materials exhibited in Snow Library do not necessarily represent the views of the Library administration or the Trustees, and exhibition does not imply their endorsement.
  7. Standing Library policies as well as Policy for Receptions in the MCRG apply to all activities in the MCRG.
  8. The Library is not responsible for damage to, or theft of, any artwork exhibited. All items placed in the Library are done so at the owner's risk and the indemnity included in the application form must be signed.
  9. The artist shall be responsible for: all insurance on artwork - appropriate framing or suitable display of artwork - pick-up and delivery of artwork - all publicity - set-up of room for reception - return of room to original arrangement and condition.
  10. The Library reserves the right to request from each organization, individual artist or group, a fee for cleaning the space, if necessary.
  11. All exhibits shall be prepared , hung and dismantled under the supervision of the MCRE Exhibition Committee with the assistance of a Gallery Coordinator.
  12. Sponsoring organization, individual artists or groups must designate a person to accept responsibility for Library materials and equipment and any damage of space they use.
  13. All labeling must be attached to the frame or on the wall with tape only, provided by the Gallery Coordinator.
  14. Exceptions to any of the above regulations may be made only with the approval of the Snow Library Board of Trustees.


Snow Library is a member of the CLAMS (Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing) network and MLS (Massachusetts Library System).


The Board of Trustees of Snow Library establishes the policy regarding use of its meeting rooms and is the sole authority in interpreting these rules and regulations. The Library Director has the supervisory responsibility delegated by the Library Trustees.


  1. Library meeting room will be available when not needed for activities or programs sponsored in whole or in part by the Library and when such use is not disruptive of public use of the Library.
  2. Permission to use a Library meeting room does not imply Library endorsement of the aims, policies or activities of any group or organization.
  3. Meeting rooms are not available for regular monthly or weekly meetings of any organization, with the exception of book groups.
  4. Commercial solicitations are not permitted although invited authors may sell copies of their work with approval of the Board of Trustees.
  5. All meetings held in the Library must be open to the public and free of charge.
  6. Meetings of Town Boards and Committees must be open to the public and meet all other requirements of the Open Meeting Law.
  7. All meetings must be held during regular open hours of the Library.
  8. The number of those in attendance must conform to the safety regulations of the Library and the Town.
  9. Light refreshments may be served, but smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Serving of refreshments must have prior approval from the Director and comply with the Orleans Board of Health regulations. Organizations wishing to serve refreshments must contact the Orleans Board of Health to obtain the required permit.
  10. Any group or organization using Library facilities is responsible for setting up the room and returning the room to its original arrangement. Groups using Library facilities are also responsible for any damages to Library material, equipment or facilities which they utilize during their meeting.

Applications for use of the meeting rooms are available at the library circulation desk.

Selection Policy


The purposes of the Selection Policy are to guide the Library Director and library staff involved in materials selections and to inform the public about the principles and practices upon which these selections are made.

Snow Library Mission Statement:

The mission of Snow Library, Orleans, is to serve the Town as an intellectual and cultural center,  to promote the sharing of ideas, an informed citizenry, and personal enrichment for people of all ages.

To accomplish this mission,the trustees have established the following objectives:

  1. To maintain the excellence of the Library's collection of books and other media.
  2. To provide reference resources which are current, comprehensive and relevant.
  3. To provide an attractive,imaginative environment and to work actively to attract new users of all ages to the Snow Library.
  4. To offer the same library services in a program of outreach to schools, civic organizations, the disabled and the homebound.
  5. To stay current with library and information technology.
  6. To foster lifelong enjoyment of the written word.