Book Talk: Author Edward Lodi will talk about his latest book, The Pequot War.

Event Date: 
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Join us in the Marion Crain Gallery to hear Edward Lodi discuss his latest book, The Pequot War.  In 1637 the Puritans waged a genocidal war against the Peqouts, the most powerful tribe in southern New England.  Their objective: to annihilate the Pequots, to destroy them as a people.  What--if anything--had the Pequots done to incur the wrath of the Puritans?  Mr Lodi answers this and other questions, and describes the major battles of the war, including the massacre at the Pequot fort in Mystic. The author welcomes additional questions during and after his talk; a book signing follows.  The talk is free to the public due to the generosity of the Grace Anslow Trust.