Get Crash Reports

You should file an Operator report if you're the operator of a vehicle involved in a crash where damage to any one vehicle or property is over $1,000, or if there is injury to any person, even if the Police were not on scene.  You should file the report within 5 days of the date of crash.  You can obtain and complete the form from the link below.  
Also, if you have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Town of Orleans, you can obtain a copy of the completed report on-line through the link below.  You will need to have the Officers name that investigated the accident, as well as the report number on file (you should have received a business card containing this information from the investigating officer).

You can also pick up a report at the Police Department by submitting a request during normal business hours. To request copies of crash reports via email please contact Greta Montgomery at

Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report