FY 2017
The Town of Orleans Assessors office has information relative to real estate tax exemptions for permanent, full-time residents of Orleans:

Deferral (65 years or over), Clause 41A:
To qualify for a deferral you must be 65 years of age as of July 1st of the tax year, have owned and occupied the property as your domicile on July 1st. The applicant's gross receipts (Income) from all sources in the preceding calendar year cannot exceed $40,000. Under an agreement with the Town, you may defer payment of all, none, or any part of your taxes each year up to fifty percent of your property valuation. This allows a person to remain in his or her home as long as possible without having to pay the real estate taxes. The Town adds yearly interest of eight percent on the deferred taxes until they are paid. The taxes are eventually paid to the Town with interest by the estate (when the home is sold), or the heirs may obtain a bank mortgage to reimburse the Town. This tax deferral may be granted in addition to any other exemption.

Senior Exemption (65 years or over), Clause 41C:
$1,000 exemption. An individual must be 65 years or older as of July 1st ofthe tax year. The Individual must own and occupy the property as his or her domicile as of July 1st of the tax year. Gross receipts(Income) must be less than $24,523 if single and $36,785 if married. Whole estate (Assets) less the value of the home except for the value of any portion which exceeds three dwelling units and produces income cannot exceed $40,000 if single and $55,000 if married.

Senior Exemption (70 or over), Surviving Spouse (no age limit), or Minor, Clause 17D:
$175 exemption. The individual must possess, the status of either a surviving spouse, or a surviving minor, or a person or persons 70 years or over who has owned and occupied the property as his or her domicile as of July 1st of the tax year. A person's whole estate (Assets), real and personal, cannot exceed $40,000 excluding the total value of the domicile, not to exceed three dwelling units. Clause 17D prescribes no limitation on annual income for exemption eligibility.

Veterans Exemptions:

Sight Impaired Exemption, Clause 37A:
$500 exemption. The Sight Impaired must own the property separately or jointly or as a tenant in common and occupy the property as his or her domicile as of July 1st of the tax year. The person must be legally blind according to the specifications of the Commission for the Blind and must furnish a certificate from the Division of the Blind as of July 1st of the tax year.

Surviving Spouse of Police Officer or Firefighter, Clause 42:
Clause 42 relates to surviving spouses of police officers or firefighters killed in the line of duty. They are granted a total exemption on real property owned and occupied by them as their domicile on July 1, for so long as they remain unmarried.

Hardship Exemption, Clause 18:
This exemption provides that any person who, in the judgment of the assessors, is so aged, so infirm, and so poverty stricken that he/she is unable to contribute fully to the public charges, may be entitled to an exemption on a portion or all of his/her tax.

The above information is offered as a general listing of available exemptions. Please contact the Assessors Office (508-240-3700 ext 430) for the exact requirements pertaining to each clause. Personal information is confidential. Exemption requests are subject to approval by the Board of Assessors.